Can't find any Convoy in the catalog


I’m new to rancher and docker, so my apologies if this is a very, very stupid question. But I’m trying to figure out how to do regular backups of my docker volumes. I’ve come across this helpful documentation, and it explicitly says:

In the Rancher catalog, Rancher provides storage services that are capable of exposing volumes to containers. Currently, the storage services are pre-fixed with Convoy in the catalog.

However, when I’m trying to find said storage services in the catalog in my rancher UI, there is nothing prefixed by Convoy. Am I missing something very obvious?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Nevermind. I noticed Google had misdirected me to the documentation of an older version.

Maybe an idea to add a message on the older documentation so people know it is not longer up to date?

Got the same issue here. I do not find any doc explaining how to set up convoy with rancher…

@sheridavandenbent: how did you do finally ?

Hi, did you find the solution to your problem? I have the same issue.

Convoy is deprecated, see