Catalog Apps cache invalidation/refresh trigger

Hi All,

I see there some delay between the time of the chart version deployment to the Chartmuseum integrated with Rancher and the time when this version appears in the Rancher App Catalog.

Also, there is also quite long out of sync period when removed from chartsmuseum versions are still appearing in Ranched Catalog (app details page).

Does anybody know what is the timeout for Catalog Apps refresh?
Is there any way to trigger Catalog Apps cache deletion or refresh?


UPDATE: Two clicks (not one) on Catalog Apps ‘Refresh’ buttons doing the proper refresh.

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I am also having issues seeing the changes made to my helm charts in the Rancher UI. It seems like the cache is overriding the changes made to the charts which is causing us to have to wait a day or so to see any changes made to our charts in Rancher. The Catalog Refresh does not appear to be working for us. We are using v2.2.2 in an HA configuration. Our Custom Catalog is in Amazon S3.