Cyrus IMAP Server web administration

HI. I have a server SLES11 SP2 with postfix and cyrus imap server installed and normally executing. All work ok, but I need administer cyrus with graphical tool, for example webmin module or Web-Cyradm. I installed webmin and cyrus module but I obtain the following error and I can’t administer cyrus
Error: some Perl modules are missing:


I have webmin webmin-1.580-1 version for suse.

I tried web-cryadm but I can’t to do login with the user configured. I’d prefer to use webmin.

Please your help


You could install Tree::Simple via cpan (which would need
checking/updating manually)?

cpan i Tree::Simple

Else grab the module from from
devel:languages:perl for SP1.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Yes … thanks for your help … Now, I can open cyrus imap module. But I have some doubts, I can’t see my mailbox to administer. I don’t find updated webmin cyrus imap module.