Ingress to Rancher Server Itself

I run a single host setup, with server and agent and nodes.

I have just build a new server with v2.1.7. Under 1.6 I could add a external service of the server itself IP address, then reverse proxy to that, so I could manage rancher from external, through the same firewall hole and certificate.

However, with 2.x it seems I am unable to do this the same way. I have setup a external IP of itself in Service Discovery, then opened it up like my other workloads in my Ingress.

I get a: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Any thoughts please?


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try to start your ranger with only for example 8443 as access port and not with 80 and 443 like in all examples.

thats how I have it. Only- 8443:443

And it works perfect as brings up the self signed cert no issue. I can manage it all no issue.

But i cant get to it from external on 443, as that port is taken by my normal containers via a single Ingress, so I am trying to add this in there also.