Docker 19.x compatibility question

Recently as part of OS update, docker was updated to 19.03.1.
Here is my environment:
OS: RHEL 7.7
Kubernetes: 1.14.3
Rancher (in HA): 2.2.6 - stable
Client: Docker Engine - Community
Version: 19.03.1
API version: 1.40

While trying to take a one-time snapshot (one of the steps in upgrading rancher), ran this command:

 rke etcd snapshot-save --name rancher_upgrade_backup.db --config rancher-cluster.yml 

Output was this:

FATA[0000] Unsupported Docker version found [19.03.1], supported versions are [1.11.x 1.12.x 1.13.x 17.03.x 17.06.x 17.09.x 18.06.x 18.09.x]

Everything appears to be working however…
Even the recurring snapshots are working (atleast the file is getting generated).

My question is: should I downgrade / roll back docker to 18.x or something else?
Any ideas on when 19.x will be supported?


Did not think about this earlier, but my rke version was 0.2.4; I downloaded latest 0.2.7.
Now, I can atleast take a one-time snapshot.

However, questions still remains:

  • when docker 19.x will be officially supported?
  • In mean time, do we need to roll back docker version to 18.x?

Thank you!