Ubuntu 18.04 LTS no compatible docker install

Rancher supported docker versions:


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS docker versions: (snap or docker.io)
docker 17.06.2-ce

Rancher and Ubuntu are partners, right?
Best to sync about the possible Ubuntu docker versions for Rancher or make Rancher compatible with Ubuntu docker version 17.06.2-ce.

I have the same problem with supported docker versions…
I’m pretty sure that it also works with 17.06.x, but it’s not only Rancher not supporting it, it’s also Kubernetes not having versions above 17.03.x validated:

As of v1.9, Docker versions 1.11.2 to 1.13.1 and 17.03.x have been validated (didn’t change in 1.10 or 1.11).

Ubuntu Forum:


I “co-signed” your post Luc, hopefully there will be a fix of some kind soon.

I’m currently running an HA-Rancher setup on Ubuntu 18.04 Hosts.
Workarounds needed:

  1. Docker Version
  1. DNS Problems in Kubernetes

With those 2 workardounds, Rancher is working just fine in an HA Setup right now :slight_smile:
Still I hope that this will be fixed soon, so that we can use it without workarounds :slight_smile:

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There is a change, Version 17.03.2-ce is available via snap.
see also:

Info snap
snap info docker -> you see in the list 17.03/stable -> 17.06.2-ce
sudo snap install docker --channel=17.03/stable

If a newer version of docker is installed you can go back via:
sudo snap refresh docker --channel=17.03/stable

But it should be better if ubuntu 18.04 uses a default kubernetes docker version in snap!

For me it didn’t work using the snap as then, the kubelets couldn’t access /opt/cni, and the snap version of docker seemed to have problems accessing files outside the homefolder before (https://github.com/docker/docker-snap/issues/8), which might also apply here…
Did it work well for you?

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 and after do the thing on “/etc/resolv.conf” solve the issues, thank you so much.

Looks like they’re bringing the fix into Kubernetes 1.11 this weekend :slight_smile:
Source: https://github.com/kubernetes/kubeadm/issues/845

It’s possible to install docker 17.03 in Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic) by binary package. I’ve created an ansible role to do this, you can access by this link:


Anyway, I will post here the task of this role to guide you in this process, because I needed to configure some steps (like storage driver, docker group) that aren’t explicit in the documentation.

I used the documentation below:

Install from binary:

Post install: