Does rstatd ship with SLES 11?

I am trying to confirm whether the rstatd daemon is inclided in SLES 11 or later (or SLES 10). Been getting conflicting information from outside sources and want to find out in advance of (or in lieu of) submitting a support request.

It’s not listed at
I don’t see it in the SLES 11 SP3 repos or the SLE SDK 11 SP3 repos.

Are aware you can download a copy of SLES and look at what’s in it? Go to click on ‘Free 60 day trial’
You can get also the SLE SDK and the SLES isos, from

Hi teekaybee,

as Mike already answered, it seems like it isn’t included. I couldn’t find any well-supported source code on the Internet either, so out of curiosity I’d like to ask if there’s a specific reason to go for rpc.rstatd instead of querying via SNMP?

The commonly included version seems to have been from, where the latest update is from 2005 (v 4.0.1) and despite a bug report including patch from 2012, no update has been made to support 3.x kernels?