Does Suse Manager manage Virtual Machines like vcenter?

Due to the rising cost of VMware by Broadcom licensing I am looking for an alternative to VMware vSphere. I have a sles trial managing VMs with virt-manager. It’s not great. Does Suse Manager manage virtual machines as well like vCenter or do I have the wrong perception of the product? I am trying to set up a trial but am unable to connect to the organization I can only assume because it’s an eval.

I think you cannot control with SUMA the VM-Ware clients directly. You can just bootstrap yout clients to the SUMA and then working with SALT to update/configure and so on… . May you can bould solution with ansible. Ansible can handle VM-Ware clients. SUMA can run Ansible playbooks on ansible nodes. So may you can use the SUMA GUI (instead of an Ansible tower) for execute playbooks where control the VMs.


Whilst SUSE Manager can manage virtual Linux machines (i.e. guests) it can’t manage VMware vSphere hosts.