Downgrade 0.5.0 to 0.4.5 (Urgent help needed!)

Because of the glusterFs issue with RancherOS 0.5.0 ( we need to downgrade to 0.4.5, but when downgrade with

sudo ros os upgrade -i rancher/os:v0.4.5

after the reboot system will stuck on boot.

Following error message during boot:

What I’m doing wrong? How to be able to downgrade?

I don’t think you can downgrade. This was stated as part of the release info -

There are a couple of known issues regarding upgrading/rolling back:

  • Upgrading from v0.4.x will destroy your existing console.
    ** You will not be able to roll back from v0.5.0 to v0.4.x.**

Were you upgrading to v0.5.0 or v0.4.5? The title says v0.5.0, but your command and the screenshot make it look like it was a v0.4.5 upgrade.

As described we upgraded to v0.5.0 and because of the glusterFS problem, which we encountered after upgraded, we need to downgrade. The command you see is to downgrade to v0.4.5 and the screenshot shows the result during downgrading.

Did you read the release notes?, it clearly says -

You will not be able to roll back from v0.5.0 to v0.4.x.

Okay, I understand now. Sorry for the confusion.

If you boot from a v0.5.0 ISO, your system should be able to start. After that I recommend backing up and doing a fresh install. We haven’t had to troubleshoot a rollback from v0.5.0 yet, so I don’t think i can provide much assistance in recovering the current install.