RancherOS Release - v0.5.0

Release v0.5.0


There are a couple of known issues regarding upgrading/rolling back:

  • Upgrading from v0.4.x will destroy your existing console.
  • You will not be able to roll back from v0.5.0 to v0.4.x.

New Features

Major Known Issues

  • In Rancher, on hosts added with the custom command, when upgrading from v0.4.5 to v0.5.0, the rancher/agent container may not restart automatically and the host will be displayed as Reconnecting in Rancher. To get around this issue, after the host is running v0.5.0, re-launch the rancher/agent command.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where switching consoles required networking [#929]
  • Fixed an issue where resizefs wouldn’t work behind a proxy with the resize option in cloud config [#946]
  • Fixed an issue with TLS using Amazon’s hostname [#933]
  • Fixed an issue so that if an invalid cloud-config was given, no kernel panic would occur [#717]
  • Fixed an issue where script execution using GCE’s user-data was not working [#507]
  • Fixed an issue where default values were not showing up in ros config export [#616]

v0.5.0 Artifacts

All of our downloads can be found in Github.

v0.5.0 AMIs

Please see our README to find our community AMIs.

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