RancherOS upgrade to v0.4.0

Hi Rancher Team,
is there actually a way tu upgrade from RancherOS v0.3.3 to v0.4.0 ? if I do a sudo ros os list the Version 0.4.0 is not in the list. But I can upgrade to 0.4.0 with sudo ros os upgrade -i rancher/os:v0.4.0 but the server then hangs in a reboot.
Here`s the screenshot from the server.


I think the docs specify that 0.3.3 -> 0.4.0 is not supported.

bt hw

@hwaastad Yeah you’re right it’s in the Release Notes :grin:
Just didn`t see that.

Anyway is there a recommended way to install the server completely new without loosing any data of my stack or isn`t that possible?
Maybe like disable the host in Rancher server install new an activating the new one?


When you say server, are you referencing Rancher server? I had written something about adding/removing hosts, before realizing that you might be meaning Rancher server.

When you say data of my stack? Are you referencing the stacks in the Rancher server applications tab or are you referencing to all the data in Rancher server?

@denise Thanks I just reinstalled my stack from the ground :wink: Worked like a charm thanks to rancher-compose