Duplicate instance of Rancher


I am running Rancher with two environment and each contains around 20 stacks. I wanted to move one environment to different Rancher instance due to internal reasons.

So I took export of mysql and imported to standalone mysql server and pointed Rancher to this mysql. It started fine and stopped it for now.

Can I run both the Rancher instances at the same time for 1 or 2 days? what are the impacts? Do i need to run the agents again?

I will keep one environment per Rancher instance and will delete the other one.


@garjunan I can only tell you, out of experience, this might not end up well. it might make more sense to spin up another deployment and migrate the workloads.

@aemneina How to migrate the workloads? Is there any document i can refer?

I’d imagine you have the docker/rancher-compose files handy? You could start transitioning services over to your new deployment using those. Maybe have an outage window to migrate your data… I dont think there is any definitive documentation in this area as it heavily depends on whats deployed.