Migrate host from one rancher server to another + hosting to hosting


I have 4 Rancher servers: one for each environment: dev, sandbox, staging & prod.

3 of them are of an older Rancher 1.4 version (sandbox, staging, prod) & are hosted on OVH hosting, the one left (dev) is on thr latest 1.6.14 & AWS.

I need to move 3 hosts from OVH to AWS & attach all of them to the only one aws Rancher server which already has 1 dev host.

If I stop rancher-agent on one of OVH rancher hosts & reconfigure it to point to aws, then it appears there in the console, but the config for stacks & etc is lost, as it’s, probably, stored in mysql of the original rancher server.

If I deploy a host from each of the OVH rancher servers to AWS, then I’m stuck with the same problem, after I switch the new hosts agents to the only aws rancher server the configurations for stacks & etc will be lost.

Please advise on the strategy to merge all that into single aws rancher server + 4 hosts: one for each environment. I’m trying not to recreate all 3 environments on aws manually, to avoid downtime & a lot of manual work.


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Would like to know how to migrate stacks from one server to another too!

I also wonder why there is no documentation for this. I’d say it would be quite essential, given how fickle Rancher is in some respects.

Anyone could solve these issues? we are looking to hire technical support to migrate virtual machines with docker from one Rancher to another Rancher. Work to be done by accessing only from the virtual machine.

I am also in a simular situation. It would not be a big problem to setup a new cluster with RKE, but it would be very nice to have an feature to move/copy workloads or maybe namespaces with all its resources to an other cluster,