Migrate host from one rancher server to another + hosting to hosting



I have 4 Rancher servers: one for each environment: dev, sandbox, staging & prod.

3 of them are of an older Rancher 1.4 version (sandbox, staging, prod) & are hosted on OVH hosting, the one left (dev) is on thr latest 1.6.14 & AWS.

I need to move 3 hosts from OVH to AWS & attach all of them to the only one aws Rancher server which already has 1 dev host.

If I stop rancher-agent on one of OVH rancher hosts & reconfigure it to point to aws, then it appears there in the console, but the config for stacks & etc is lost, as it’s, probably, stored in mysql of the original rancher server.

If I deploy a host from each of the OVH rancher servers to AWS, then I’m stuck with the same problem, after I switch the new hosts agents to the only aws rancher server the configurations for stacks & etc will be lost.

Please advise on the strategy to merge all that into single aws rancher server + 4 hosts: one for each environment. I’m trying not to recreate all 3 environments on aws manually, to avoid downtime & a lot of manual work.


#rancher #agent #host #aws #migration


Would like to know how to migrate stacks from one server to another too!


I also wonder why there is no documentation for this. I’d say it would be quite essential, given how fickle Rancher is in some respects.