Environment templates

Hi there. Maybe a dumb question but…

The documentation makes extensive reference to the notion of “envoronment templates” (http://docs.rancher.com/rancher/v1.2/en/environments/#what-is-an-environment-template). It says that such templates are managed in the “manage environment”.

Click on Manage Environments.

After navigating to the Environments page, you will see a list of environments and a list of environment templates. Click on Add Template…

In there I only see environments (and the possibility to create new environments) but I don’t see environment templates or a way to add environment templates.

Is there a misalignment between the online documentation and the version I am using (pulled from Docker Hub: 1.1.4) or am I missing something bigger here?


Doh… I just noticed I was looking at the 1.2 docs while using the 1.1.4 code.


I’ve updated the default location for docs.rancher.com to direct to 1.1 until 1.2 is released.

1.1 is our latest stable release.

Yep. In fact I have deployed 1.2-pre-something and now the 1.2 docs match what I am seeing :slight_smile: