SuMa 4.3 - Bootstrap error, file not found

Hello guys !

I’m a first-timer with SUMA, and after some days, I managed to get the server working in my lab environment, now I’m trying to add my first system using bootstrap, and no matter what I do, I’m getting this error below:

Error: Unable to download https://susemanager.acorp.local:443/pub/repositories/ubuntu/22/4/bootstrap/venv-enabled-amd64.txt file!

I tried to create manually the bootstrap repo using:

mgr-create-bootstrap-repo -c ubuntu-22.04-amd64

Creating bootstrap repo for ubuntu-22.04-amd64
Error: Too few arguments for command 'includedeb'!
Syntax: reprepro [--delete] includedeb <distribution> <.deb-file>
There have been errors!
Error creating bootstrap repo.

But without any success.
Can you point me in the right direction, please? There is a how-to for beginners ?

Best regards;


Hi Luiz,

its look like an BUG. I found this old github discus on github in the upstream projekt

May its not fixed in SUMA4.3 until now.

If you have allready installed the latest patches for suma, I think you must open an support ticket…


Thank you, Tino !
I’ll check if I really have the latest updates, if so, I’ll open a ticket.

Regards !