File Server, Print server, Failover Clustering and so on...

Hello everybody. My name is Wojtek I am new to this forum so I wanted to introduce myself first.

I have few questions to you guys. I have started my internship in small-medium size company. My task for the moment is to find a good choice to set up a File Server, Print Server, User permissions, Network etc. Company is up to 20 people but could be more soon. The main idea is to centrelize company data in few steps so at the start we do not need lots of capacity. I was looking on few choices and decided to go with HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 i3-4150 and a drive cage with 4/6 spaces for LFF hard drives. Also I will have to set up failover clustering so we would get2 of these servers and drive cages and locate them in 2 different locations in the building. 99.9% the system which will be running is Open SUSE Enterprise Server with SAMBA and software for failover. My boss was thinking to get 2 x 2 NAS QNAP storage devices but disadvantages of this is that you cannot physically make a failover clustering. QNAP TS470 would be the same price as HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 i3-4150 and I think HP will be a lot better for these kind of purpose. Also server will be configured for the backup and small internal database.

I just want to get to know your opinions guys… :slight_smile:


On 10/09/2014 11:24, mandrake wrote:

Open SUSE Enterprise Server[/color]

Sorry but there is no such thing as the above. Perhaps you mean one of
the following?


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I am really sorry, I have misspelled, I meant SUSE Linux Enterprise