Firefox fails to start download on LVM striped drive

Since my striped drive is humongous, I wanted to use it to hold large files such as DVD installation ISO files. Whenever I start a download, it asks for me to put in the path to download to and I choose the drive. It then closes the dialog and doesn’t download anything. It doesn’t even throw an error message. If I select /home/downloads it works fine. For what it’s worth it’s a LVM2 striped drive across discs sdb/sdc/sdd/sde.

I’ve looked through the Firefox troubleshooting guide and it hasn’t helped.

Any ideas?

What you say you ‘select the drive’, what exactly does that mean? You can’t select a drive, you can select a directory and it has to be one to which you have write permissions. If you don’t have write permission you should get an error “Cannot create file. Directory whatever is not writable.”

When you say /home/downloads is that what you really mean? Usually /home/downloads wouldn’t exist. Do you mean a directory called downloads in your home directory? (which would be referred to as ${HOME}/downloads or ~/downloads)

Which version of SLED and Firefox are you using?

If you run Firefox from a command prompt

$ firefox

is there any clue in the output? I suspect not, but it’s easy to try.

Hi all,

yes, this should be the first thing to check - from my experience, I’ve often seen FF (various versions on various distributions) simply not downloading (without error message) in such cases - just as ElQueue describes.