Firewall Setting

Dear All,

I am trying to setup 6 pc cluster in suse linux 11.2, I have successfully done the setting when firewall is disabled, but now I am facing problem has I want to set the cluster with my firewall enabled, so if someone knows the step or setting let me know.



Hi Nikhil,

“suse linux 11.2” would be the term for “openSUSE 11.2” - as you are posting to the SLES forums, I may assume you’re asking about SLES11SP2?

Next thing to ask: What type of cluster? Pacemaker, from the HAE add-on? Pacemaker, from some other source? Some other generic clustering software? Or some application-level cluster, i.e. Tomcat or Apache’s httpd?

Setting up the matching firewall rules obviously depend on the needs of the communicating applications, have you already identified the required communication streams?