Global DNS Feature - Rancher 2.2

Hello All,

I couldn’t watch the last meetup session about multi-cluster catalog and global DNS feature and I have a doubt about how Global DNS works. Looking at the diagram presented at the meetup session we have the “management cluster” in front of the other clusters, can we consider the management cluster a SPOF for this feature? What is the recommended approach to deploy it redundantly?

The other doubt is about the multi-cluster application, can we deploy the management plane (Rancher itself) through the multi-cluster catalog and use the global DNS to avoid the situation above?


Hi there,

I have Rancher 2.2.1 and want to configure global DNS but there is no option in tools menu as “Global DNS”.

I have logged in as a admin user.

It is only available in HA installations of Rancher, not the single container standalone.

Ohh thanks Vincent,
Is that a free version or need sign any agreements or purchase ?

We sell support; customers use the same builds that open-source users do.