Mount application data inside gluster server of gluster catalaog provided by rancher

Hi I am currently working on POC where I need to mount my application data to glusterfs server which is a glusterfs catalog provided by rancher itself.
For starting phase I am using ubuntu image as an application container for doing so.
Inside ubuntu application container I have installed glusterfs client inside container and trying to mount my folder to glusterfs server.
Unfortunately It is not working i.e facing errors while mounting.

I also searched on your forums and different websites for solutions but those solutions would not working for me.

Please note my current version for rancher is v0.56.1 and I dont want to use convoy

Also there is no specific and official documentation provided for any kind of catalog provided by you
Please find error logs in attached screenshots

The latest version of GlusterFS should support this. Please note that we just updated the existing version as an upgrade wouldn’t have worked.

Please take a look and read the notes in the Catalog entry.