greets / howto YaST plugins

¹st time OpenSUSE SLED! user
used SuSe desktop atime ago… everything went very good so far

My questions/greets.


  • Library seamless
  • OCFS2 / Brtfs
  • Accesibility
  • HDA
  • Base packages
  • Partitioning tool / Installer

How to:

  • Extending desktop capabilities (Icons, et)
    *** Building YaST2 plugins or whatever they’re called. ***
  • Installing .deb or redhat elfs using apt ? alien?
  • cpu stepping?


  • RPMs are so damn small !
  • Accounting / Journaling periodically it’s annoying !
  • ocfs2 not integrated to YaST
  • No elastic databases
  • Firefox’s not cruise speed
  • non Linux DomU kernels crashing.

Our rack:
Linux linux-gae6 3.4.11-2.16-xen #1 SMP Wed Sep 26 17:05:00 UTC 2012 (259fc87) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Dual Pentium-D 3.47Mgz x 4Gb 6x160 SATA2
S3 / I915 XGAs
PKI card.

Welcome to the forums. Just to be sure you’re in the correct place, this
forum is for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED); openSUSE has its own
set of forums as well and while both products are related and in many ways
similar, you mentioned ‘1st time openSUSE…’ so if you really are using
that check out the other forums too:

Good luck.