[Help] - GRUB loading stage 1.5

Hi, we currently had power shortage in our office. When the server boot up we received this error:

[CODE]rootnoverify (hd0)
chainloader (hd0)+1

GRUB Loading stage1.5

GRUB Loading, please wait…
Error 15[/CODE]

We cannot used our SAP now because of this error. What do we need to check or verify?

That’s a big odd; I believe “Error 15” means that the kernel cannot be
found in /boot so you may need to fix that:

This could have happened because the disk went crazy during the power
outage (get a (working) backup power supply to help provide for smoother
shutdowns in the future) or maybe the kernel was lost previously and you
are only seeing this now because the kernel is only needed from disk
during bootup. Either way, you probably need to boot from external media
and put the kernel file back.

If you can share your SLES version, patches, kernel RPM version, etc., we
may be able to give more-specific instructions. Perhaps post the contents
of the /boot/grub/menu.lst file too.

Good luck.

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