Hibernate Laptop

This may be in Gnome difficult. Suspend is not hibernate.

You need to go into “Settings” - “Power” → Suspend and Power button.
here adjust: When the Power button is pressed: Hibernate

Then, when pressing the power button, the Laptop hibernate usually with less energy consumption.


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I got support on this issue:
It works like this:
Change in All Settings (Gnome) - Hardware - Power - “When the power button is pressed” to Hibernating.
Then, when close the lid, nothing happens.
But when pressing power button, the system goes into Hibernating mode.
Press power button again, the system wakes up.
This works in fact quite reliable on my Laptop.

This can also be configured via /etc/systemd/logind.conf I set HandleLidSwitch=ignore, because I don’t want suspend or hibernate. The man page for logind.conf explains all the settings.