Looking for Hosted plan

Is there a plan to launch a hosted service like docker cloud? I was under the impression that your current hosted env. was for production use as well, but few days back I saw the notice saying it should not be used in production.

Now I really like rancher but I don’t want to manage and run it myself. so are there any hosted plans?

TL;DR: try.rancher.com is named that for a reason.

It is intended for people to try out Rancher without having to install and configure it. While we try to keep it up and have no plans of shutting the service down, we can offer no guarantee that it will be working at any particular moment, nor still be a service we still want to run tomorrow. So you can decide for yourself if you want to run your production on that or not.

It is also intended for us to get more direct experience and bugs / performance issues with running a large scale installation that has very distributed and potentially less-than-cooperative hosts/applications running on it. …One might infer future plans from this.

So any plans for hosted plans in future?

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