Hosts on internal network cant get traffic from LB Services

First off, Rancher is amazing and thank you all for your hard work!

So I have a rancher system setup on Digital Ocean and everything works fine, however I am wanting my build servers to be on my internal network to save monies.

I can add the hosts just fine, however if for example I put Nginx on one of those hosts and then try to put a load balancer on a public machine and route the traffic to the Nginx service on one of the internal hosts it gives me a 503 after a few seconds.

It seems the internal build servers can access rancher and rancher can deploy services to it, but can’t actually route traffic to them.

What is the solution for this? Would I have to put all my machines on a VPN? I rather not do that unless I absolutely must.


Have you looked at the troubleshooting docs?

@denise I have looked through it, however I guess my question is more simple. Does Rancher require the compute nodes to be directly accessible from the host machine?

I thought the compute nodes had to be able to access the rancher-server and once a connection was made the docker images were put on a virtual network between all the machines.