How SLES system repair?

How SLES system repair?
1.grub be destroyed
2.boot partition is damaged
3.MBR be destroyed

If any of these are really happening to you post a thread specific to the
issue with a lot of details. Otherwise, in general…

On 09/03/2013 07:44 PM, andyleigood wrote:[color=blue]

How SLES system repair?
1.grub be destroyed[/color]

Use install media to rescue.

2.boot partition is damaged[/color]

Depends. Probably use install media to rescue but if the partition is
really damaged in a way that lost data you probably need to do the same
thing as on any other OS and find a professional data recovery service to
help you out. Better yet, restore from backup to a better drive.

3.MBR be destroyed[/color]

If you’re using the MBR, use the install media to rescue.

Good luck.

andyleigood wrote:

How SLES system repair?[/color]

If you have to ask this question you should probably open a Service
Request and get some one-on-one support. Any time you have issues with
your disk like you have you risk losing all your data if the repair is
not done correctly.

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