How to create disk-less Rancher hosts [guide]

This spring I was contacted by the Blog Manager at Rancher Labs. He had read some of my posts and wondered if I would like to write articles for them. I accepted and we agreed on that I would write a series of articles about disk-less Rancher setups. During the summer I wrote the draft to the first article. I sent it over to the Rancher Labs guy for review. He replied and promised to get back to me shortly. Several months has passed since then and I haven’t heard another word from him, despite several “what’s up?”-mails. I think it would be a waste not publishing it at all, and, since I really wasn’t doing it for the money, I’ve now published my draft on Github, for anyone to read.

Feel free to post your comments or questions here. The guide has been tested with Rancher 1.6. If anyone tries it with Rancher 2, please let me know.

/Henrik Uggla

Update: I finally got a reply from Rancher Labs. They won’t publish the article since it’s written mainly for Rancher 1.6.

Please DM or email me (vincent@) whatever relevant info you have and who this was so we can make the situation right.