How to delete my SUSE account

I couldn’t seem to delete my account since I accidentally kicked myself out of my own organization. I’m curious if an option to delete or deactivate my SUSE account as I think I wouldn’t actually use it outside for downloads.

If not, then how do I join myself back? (The organization only had 1 member, me)

@lucss21a Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:

Are you talking about Okta? I think you might need to call Support for that…
See Technical Support Guide | SUSE

I prefer using online support since IDD rates via mobile phone was a lil bit a pain in the ass

@HvdHeuvel do you have any pointers for @lucss21a ?

Hi @malcolmlewis1
Sorry, I have completely missed this, for several reasons I have also not visited here for ages.

@lucss21a is this currently sorted?

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