Is there any way to permanently remove an organization?

I’ve created my account some time ago (~1,5 years) to try out Suse products (SLED). During registration I’ve used the company’s name I worked at, and it was registered as the organization in Suse Customer Center. I wanted to try out another product recently (SLES this time), but the evaluation copy was automatically added to that organization, which is a bit misleading as I no longer work at that company, so I would prefer if it wouldn’t be listed under my organizations. I’m the only member in the organization, and tried to leave it, which worked, but as soon as I requested a trial copy of SLES, I was automatically added back to the organization, and my trial copy was registered there.
Is there any way to permanently remove myself from that organization or rename it? Or if not, is there any way to permanently delete my suse account and recreate it, so I can have a fresh start? I’m mostly interested in this question, because I might purchase subscriptions for my own use at a later date, and I would very much prefer if they weren’t under an organization that’s named after a former employee of mine, to avoid any problems that might be caused by this.