How to input Chinese in rancher terminal?

The terminal opened from menu ‘Execute Shell’ cannot accept Chinese input, how to resolve this problem?

There is an open issue for this:

NO, it is not the same as the issue. The problem described in the issue is about Chinese Display, but my problem is about input of Chinese.

Was able to verify that you can input Chinese in shell. Steps for enabling:

  1. apt-get update
  2. install language-pack-zh-hans
  3. locale -a
  4. echo export LC_ALL=‘zh_CN.utf8’ >> ~/.bashrc
  5. source ~/.bashrc
  6. echo ‘hello’ > 中文.log
  7. ls

The steps you showed can make terminal display Chinese, but Chinese can not be input from web terminal opened from ‘Execute Shell’.

When I switch input method to Chinese, and I click alphabet key, the character will be display on the terminal directly, instead of displaying in input method window, which should be the normal case in Chinese input.

What is the problem?