How to perform updates in SLED

Hi there. I’m thinking of moving from OpenSUSE Leap to SLED and trying the 60-day free trial. I would like to know the way to perform updates in the system. Can I use the terminal (sudo zypper up) or there is another way? Furthermore, how can I clean the system? Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Once the system is registered in SCC the updates method is exactly the same, zypper up or via YaST online update…

How do you mean clean the system? You mean maintenance of the btrfs filesystem etc? Again it’s all the same, what you do on openSUSE administration wise is the same as SUSE. If you add SUSE package hub, then you get a lot of the same packages as available on openSUSE (It doesn’t affect your SLE install, just means if you strike a bug then you need to follow up there).