How to start container using a local image?


I’m using RacherOS + Rancher in my development environment with docker-machine. I’d like to know if there’s any way to start a new container using a local image.

When I build a new image locally, I can see it running docker images. When I try to create a new container in Rancher (web app) using the image’s name that I created locally, it says that the pull failed.

I believe that you need to build it using rancher-compose inside a stack (even if its a singles service), and using the S3 build method… this can help you with the steps… you will need an AWS account and S3 activated key.

Later versions did not support upgrade on a service build from S3, I am downloading the latest but I’m not sure if the bug was fixed… According to two bugs around this issue, it wasnt fixed, although has a targe milestone of 1/27, which would be yesterday? not sure how that is going at this point. & #2666. It doesnt prevent you from testing it out, but it will require you erase and rebuild the project whenever you need to update.

FYI, typically the milestones indicate when the first RC of that release will be cut and we aim to release it within a week after.

The issues with build and rancher-compose have not been addressed, but we’re hoping to do it in an upcoming release of rancher-compose as we know it’s an issue.