Rancher without Docker registry?

Is it possible to use Rancher without a Docker registry?

I’m sure I had this work a some months ago, but it fails now. I’d like to use Docker to build an image using a VM that is connected to a local Rancher. Once the image is built, rancher-compose should be able to deploy that image, without looking for it on a remote registry.

At present, even though the image is available on the rancher node, it fails to install because it attempts to pull it from a registry.

(Note, this is for development of multi-service stacks - running the stack locally, without having to push the image for each test run).

Do you have the “always pull image” checkbox checked or io.rancher.container.pull_image=always set as a label in the compose file?

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That’s both obvious, and wonderful too! Yes, I did have always pull set. Many thanks, 'tis working wonderfully now!


I’m experiencing the same problem I think :

I have some developement VM with docker containers on it. Those containers are built locally thanks to local Dockerfiles.
Those dockerfiles are referenced as build contexts in ymls.
When I try to build my stacks via rancher-compose, Rancher keeps trying to build my containers with S3 provider …

“Uploading build for my container using provider S3”

The result is that the build fails :

“Failed Creating mailcatcher : NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain”

I’v tried to add labels as suggested but no way.

Is it possible to build locally without S3 with rancher ?

Thanks a lot …