Hyptop woes!

Greetings all,

I’m having a very specific problem with the s390-tools util “hyptop” following a z/VM upgrade (6.1 to 6.2) on my SLES11 SP3 terminal server guests.

The problem is that on my two terminal servers in my production LPARs hyptop is only showing information for the guest upon which it is running. The configuration, including the user directories for each guest, remain unchanged. Here are the problem solving steps I’ve already gone through:-

[] Verified dbugfs is mounted
] Checked guest privilege class includes priv class b (it’s BGL, same as terminal servers that are working in my test LPARs)
[] Ensured af_iucv kernel module is loaded
] Made sure that /sys/kernel/debug/s390_hypfs is present and my user has read access to diag_204 and diag_2fc

Any help with this would be most appreciated, I miss my hyptop in PROD and don’t like using Velocity!