Install fail the server could not find the requested resource

Hi everyone. I Have a some problem , that I tried installed with helm on k8s local but does not worked rancher container

Can I aks for advice you?

2021/08/20 16:29:27 [INFO] Rancher version v2.5.9 (3c5418944) is starting
2021/08/20 16:29:27 [INFO] Rancher arguments {ACMEDomains:[] AddLocal:true Embedded:false BindHost: HTTPListenPort:80 HTTPSListenPort:443 K8sMode:auto Debug:false Trace:false NoCACerts:false AuditLogPath:/var/log/auditlog/rancher-api-audit.log AuditLogMaxage:10 AuditLogMaxsize:100 AuditLogMaxbackup:10 AuditLevel:0 Agent:false Features: ClusterRegistry:}
2021/08/20 16:29:27 [INFO] Listening on /tmp/log.sock
2021/08/20 16:29:27 [FATAL] the server could not find the requested resource

Rancher version 2.5.9

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This issue occurs because the current version 2.59 does not support Kubernetes version 1.22.
I have installed version 1.21 and am using it.