Install via USB

How would I go about installing via USB?
I don’t have access to DVD’s.

What I have tried:
dd of=/path_to_iso_image if=/path_to_device
The script file recommended somewhere (can’t remember where) on the install disk (either I went about it the wrong way, or it doesn’t like partitions larger than 4 GB)

Other than that, I haven’t found anything useful.

Note: If it requires a specific Linux distribution to work, just tell me (e.g., Fedora/OpenSUSE/Ubuntu).

Important System Information:
x86_64 Processor

Not sure if the image is an iso hybrid ready one. If your wanting to do
that, you need to look at creating a bootable usb image on

Have a read here;

The section titled “Bootable USB from DVD or Net-install”

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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I followed the opensuse link.
This time, instead of following the Linux instructions (like what I’ve done in the past), I followed the Windows instructions (on Linux).
Anyway, that worked.

The installation process was a little tricky though.

First, I was asked if the installation media was in the drive (options: ok, back). I hit back.
Second, I was asked where the installatation files where (CD/DVD, Network, Hard Drive), I chose Hard Drive and then the USB flash drive.
Install started (followed the instructions).

Post-install was also a little tricky (my network drivers were not in the 2.6 kernel but are in the 3.x series).

Now I’m trying to register.

Anyway, thanks.