K3os or rancheros for single node production?

Good morning to you all.
I’m starting a new project and I want to use Rancher to orchestrate all this with a GitLab CI and a automation. The projects are, 3 web applications (mariadb, nginx, php-fpm) and some nginx static website.
My constraint is that I have only one server available. (16GB memory, Intel xeon 8C/16T). So it’s will be single node.

Can you advise me on the architecture to run rancher 2 on a single node and in production ?
I hesitate ton run Rancher on :

  • rancher on k3s on a k3os
  • rancher on k3s on a RancherOS (with k3d)
  • rancher on a RancherOS (via docker)

Thank you all