Kubernetes 1.3 and Deis Workflow issues

I just spent a while getting a Rancher Server up and running with the intention of running Deis Workflow on it (aka Deis 2.0).

I then found this bug :frowning:


The problem looks to be related to Kubernetes environments on Rancher v1.2.0-pre3 only being available in v1.3.0 flavour. I’m on the current recommended Rancher release v1.2.0-pre3 and so I’m wondering if I can get Kubernetes v1.3.4 or 1.4.0 onto it somehow? Or do I need to use another Rancher Server version, newer or older? Denise warned me off v1.2.0-pre4-rc2 as being too unstable.

The setup documentation for Deis Workflow mentions an incompatibility between Deis and Kubernetes v1.3.0 through to v1.3.3 here:


This problem with K8S secrets, appears to have been fixed in v1.3.4 of Kubernetes:


Sounds like it is not a problem in Kubernetes 1.4.0 either.

It would be great if anyone with any experience of running Deis Workflow on a Rancher K8S cluster could chime in and let me know what the best way to get it up and running is :slight_smile: