Laptop models recommended for SuSE/openSuse

Anyone have a list of laptop models ( Lenovo/Thinkpad for example ) that works fine with any SuSE os ?

@tore Hi, what is your end goal/usage for the laptop?

I’ve had good experience with HP and a few Dell systems, but had least issues with HP and AMD cpu/gpu setup. I have a HP AMD cpu and dual AMD gpu running MicroOS Desktop, but it also runs SLED. I also have another couple of HP AMD cpu/gpu running openSUSE Leap 15.4.

Ok, thank’s. It’s just for normal home use.
i work with virtual Linux servers on s390x architecture, so want a nice KDE os for my home use as well :slight_smile:

@tore so just general use, no gaming etc? I would suggest getting on the MicroOS Desktop as a test as long as you don’t mind regular updates (as it tracks Tumbleweed at present). Install flatpaks as your user, immutable filesystem etc…

Likewsie it will have better support for newer hardware. I would suggest steering away from an optimus system (Dual Intel/Nvidia or Intel/AMD) unless your really wanting cuda…

Ok, will Checkout MicroOs, but what do you mean by avoid Dual xxxx? Sorry but im Swedish so that is a bit unclear to me

@tore Some machines with intel or amd cpu’s have a primary graphics card as part of the cpu, then a secondary card usually nvidia, that is called a hybrid or optimus system. More modern laptops with this type of setup can tie the HDMI output to that card which can create issues.

If only for home use, check that it just has one graphics card either intel or AMD and you should be fine. Maybe if in store shopping, they may let you boot the system with a live USB of Plasma (KDE) Desktop to test…