Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop

Hi guys!
On my laptop at first had Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop but i showed me some errors that i can not install it on my laptop,so i want install Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop now.
how can i get it??
My laptop>> HP 4540s (as default installed Suse on these laptops)
is there any customer service to give serial number to check and give me a license to use?? because of i could not to use at first had error suse while installing.:confused:

If this is a pre-installed version of SLED from HP, then you need to contact HP support and they should be able to help you out. The HP systems have some pre-defined repositories for things like wireless and bluetooth.

Else, if you log into SCC (, does anything show up there?

Iā€™m in Iran, they told me to help i should travel to Turkey.
Could you help me??

Not sure, but checking with my SUSE contacts.

ok thanks, so you will write their answer at here??

Is there any one here to help me??:(:frowning:

You should be able to download SLED 11 SP4 or SLED 12 from here;

It will be activation to access updates etc that may not work. You can always grab a 60 evaluation code (click the 60 day trial link);

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