Latest FWupdate version (11) issue with SuSE


Good day!

Just an update with firmware updates on Suse. We gave up on plan to use LVFS on Suse but we did make FWUPDATE (manual update) work when a lower version of Opensuse fwupdate package was used

Issue now is on latest version. We are experiencing an error which is unique to SuSE (we tried, ubuntu, debian and redhat, no issues). Please see below:

we checked online and found a couple of pages about the error:
github discussion
Error on LVFS (linked to github discussion)

The statement below seems to be keypoint but we have no idea how it would be done with SuSE OS:

We would greatly appreciate any help anyone could provide for this issue.

We apologize for the request , most of us are still new and learning Linux . We thank you for your kind consideration


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