Left click doesn't work

Hello, I just have installed OpenSuse 13.1 x64 with KDE for desktop environment. Everything is perfect except my mouse. The left click doesn’t work. The right click is working, I can move the mouse the touchpad is working also (even the left click is working on the touchpad). I had the same problem on Debian I solve it by removing the psmouse module, but I can remove it on OpenSuse it says

FATAL: can't remove psmouse it's buildin 

Or something similar, the problem isn’t hardware, the mouse is working perfect on another laptop. My laptop is MSI CR620. The mouse manufacture is Genius , it’s cheap usb mouse . I search thought the forums didn’t find something similar. I will be very glad if somebody provide some solution.

You want the openSUSE forums which are at http://forums.opensuse.org/ You can use the same account to post there as you created to post here.

Thank you, I apologist for the mistake