Load balancer failed to forward to service on different host

Hi, I installed ELK stack from Rancher v0.6 catalog on a one node cluster (later rancher was upgraded to v1.0). Everything works fine. Due to limited capacity, I then added a host and moved Kibana nginx-proxy service to it. I want to keep Kibana LB on original host in order to stay on the same public IP. With this change Kibana app is no longer accessible. Is LB able to route traffic to other hosts? If so, what might be the problem?

BTW, I also installed OpenShift and absolutely prefer Rancher. Keep up the good work!

The issue seems to be caused by 1st host is registered using docker bridge ip rather than public ip, as documented in here
http://docs.rancher.com/rancher/faqs/#are-the-ips-of-the-hosts-correct-in-the-ui. After following the instruction to re-register the host, problem is fixed.