login window died away -- waw - Where are (the) wizards

HP 655 suse sled 11 sp2 preinstalled
last updated about 8th December

Hello world,

yesterday seems so far away, cz login was full functional.

Today I wanted to start, but…
No login window appeared. I could view (the of course very exciting) only the default desktop background.

what did I do:
With ctrl alt fx I can enter the first terminal. And also the other terminals.
I am viewing the /var/log/messages, but the tons of lines make no sense for me.
Googling for a shortcut to bring the login window alive (nothing appropriate found).
Looking up some linux books for key strokes (nothing).

my guess:
System is not damaged. The core is full functional. But anywhere a tiny configuration file was altered or damaged.
Or it has something to do with the resolution of the screen (but ctrl alt - didn’t work either).

Please give me a hint, what can I do as a linux rookie (contact with linux since two weeks, heavily infected for sure).

greetings from here to there

Searching the messages log for ‘login’:

For the last days are various entries “linux-khuy unix2_chkpwd: gkr-pam: unlocked ‘login’ keyring”.

But not for today 22.12.2012 (about 10:00 o’clock) when I first tried to login.

The process necessary for login is not working?
Nope, cause I can login in the terminal sessions

So I found no solution to bring the login window on start up back, I decided to play the rescue-install show.
I am curious how this will end.

If not any promise will come true, for one thing is (Suse SLED) Linux is superb, there is always a surprise.

Here and there noone has any duty to bring it. Clear.

But it is from the land of fairy tales, that linux is better.
For a private enduser it is best to use a MS windows OS.
Linux is too time consuming, unconvinient and (as you see with the faulty login window) not that stable.

If you want to install a programm and installing method one, two and three not functioning. Finally you try it manually, only for finding out that you need library xy, which indeed needs kakuki, which needs also something. Than instead of a running programm, you have a lot of wasted space on your hard disc.

As clear as you think, noone is responsible for that. We are all grown up.
And if you have some 10 years of experience, congratulations, than linux is better.

For the normal user, MS Windows beats linux in all aspects.
Maybe it is more secure. But for that you have to use 2 external hard discs. And if you do not make a lot of system changes, than also MS windows is stable enought. I had no crash for the last years.

merry eastern in the western