SLED15 SP2 problems

I recently migrated my workstation from SLED15 SP1 to SLED15 SP2 and encountered a few issues.

  1. The machine was very slow to boot and was running start jobs for the connected SATA disks. A look at boot.log revealed errors with regard to encrypted disks but done of my installed disks in fstab are encrypted. There was a /etc/crypttab file which had details of removable encrypted disks that have been connected in the past. Removal of this file speded up the booting enormously.
  2. The machine booted with no GUI. I had to start YAST and re-install all of the NVIDIA drivers and then the machine started correctly with the GUI intact.
  3. It is irritating that the right click menu on the Desktop has the command ‘Open in Terminal’ but this does open the home directory anymore, instead it opens ~/Desktop. This is even though I select the SLE Classic Gnome theme.

My machine is no working but I have another 30 workstations to deal with and I am hesitant to start the process whilst these time consuming issues remain. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Perhaps have a look at the output from systemd-analyze blame to start with, if it’s running maintenance tasks it can be slow. Are you running ipv4 or ipv6? There are a number of tweaks I go through my SLED systems to speed up the boot process (dracut config, postfix, swap etc).

cat /etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 15 SP2"

Startup finished in 2.413s (kernel) + 2.209s (initrd) + 4.272s (userspace) = 8.895s

Malcolm, thanks for this.
Is there anyway to get the right-click to open a terminal behaviour back to how it was in SP1?

AFAIK it’s a change in the newer version of GNOME Shell and the desktop not being controlled by Nautilus anymore. I use tilda (available from Package Hub) most of the time as it drops down wherever I am…