Manage rancher Apps/Projects with helm

In my company we really like rancher and we plan to use rancher projects, project monitoring and apps at scale.

We use helm with gitlab-ci for all our kubernetes applications with some custom automations for clusters, passwords, etc… I saw that in rancher everything is a CRD like Cluster, Projects, Apps, etc… which is really awesome!

I was wondering if anyone tried to manage projects using those CRDs directly with raw YAML or helm3 ?

I deployed a project-monitoring App directly by applying a raw YAML, but it felt kinda Hacky as the Project Monitoring UI would not even detect the deployed monitoring app and we should a disable status.

Right now I’ve checked the terraform integration but this is a different tool, a new language and we’d have to recreate our automations just for that which is a bit annoying.

As anyone tried to manage Rancher directly through its CRDs ?