Mesos DNS or same benefit

Is there an independent catalog to add mesos DNS to a mesos cluster in Rancher? what is the easiest way to add mesos DNS to the current mesos catalog (so they get deployed together). (not able to reliably find containers as they get deleted and move to other hosts) In a Mesos/Marathon deployment, is there any other way to resolve and update relationships between mesos components?

with Rancher deployed Mesos/Marathon cluster, is mesos dns or rancher dns the correct tool to handle queries for containers moving between Rancher launched hosts as those containers fail or scale? this is for both external hosts accessing marathon, zookeeper, elastic search, etc, and also so that programs in containers launched by Marathon and/or any third party add programs on mesos/marathon can remain configured properly.

How do we add Mesos DNS to a Mesos catalog so every new AWS auto instance built by Rancher gets a DNS capability inside the Mesos/Marathon container groups?

Is there a community that has this? The only reference I have found requires changes to the underlying host, so it would have to be part of a catalog to make that track as hosts are added. Y/N?