Mesos / Marathon / Container network

Just tried the Mesos integration, and I’m a little disappointed.

I thought that the Mesos integration would gain the benefits of the Rancher networking, and it seems like it’s not the case.

I created a Mesos env
I installed the Marathon framework
I cannot use rancher managed network when I create a new Marathon task using a docker container

Would be nice if it could be possible :slight_smile:


The Marathan framework launches the containers directly on the hosts using docker by passing Rancher completely. So the networking option for these containers is NOT ‘managed’.

But we have a solution exactly for this. You have to add a label while launching these containers and Rancher would know that you are asking for ‘Managed’ networking.

Please do give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

thanks for the tip, I will try that.

Now that both Mesos/Marathon and Rancher use CNI network plugins, it would be nice if Rancher could support the “USER” network mode of Mesos/Marathon :slight_smile: