Migrate all Rancher Nodes to new installed Rancher Server

Hallo everybody,
we have a rancher server version v0.59.1 and wanted to upgrade to the last stable version. During the upgrade process we mentioned a lot of database errors and broken tables (cattle.machine_driver, dynamic_schema_role). The tables showing up at the mysql console but we can’t read or delete them, nor upgrading them.

Is there a way to install a clean Rancher Server the usual way and importing/migrating all Nodes to the new Server including there configs?

Our Environment:
1 Server
4 Nodes
approx. 500 Container including Loadbalancers, etcd …

Thank’s in advance

any hints??? :weary:

We just announced 1.1.0, and had re-written the one of our micro-services, that were causing the machine_driver and dynamic_schema_role errors. You could try to upgrade to that server.

Alternatively, you can bring up a parallel environment and use rancher-compose to move over your stacks. You would use the “View Config” of a stack to get your configurations and use rancher-compose to bring those stacks into the new set up.

Thank’ for your advice. I will give it a try during this week.