Migrate from Tutum, how to?

Hey Rancher community,

Tutum was acquired by Docker (now it’s called Docker Cloud), and now they’re charging more than I’m comfortable paying. This is the case for many smaller dev shops, as it’s $15 for each node (for example a single droplet). I’m looking at moving over to Rancher (I used the beta for a while before finally deciding on Tutum). Any idea of how to migrate over to Rancher? I have compose files and existing containers on my server that need to be transferred over. I’ve started up a rancher instance on my server, but I need it to recognize the existing containers and connect them properly. Possible?

You should be able to consume those compose files either through the UI when creating a stack or through a yaml file and the CLI tools. Do you have the option of destroying and re-creating these containers from images as part of this work?

If so, it should be easy enough, if not then i’m not sure if rancher can manage objects created outside of it’s control.

I could do that if I could transfer in the data volumes without great difficulty. Is that possible? I was looking at Flocker, which seems to deal with data volumes, and saw this: https://github.com/ClusterHQ/rancher-flocker, but I’m not sure which is the most straightforward way to go.

I created a backup/restore from s3 for data volumes and used it to transfer from tutum to rancher, i can’t share it but it was simular to this one, https://hub.docker.com/r/boombatower/docker-backup-s3/

Also tutum has a random compose format and it doesn’t work with rancher, you will need to convert the compose to standard docker 1.0? syntax, there is a updated syntax which might support the tutum one but rancher doesn’t support this yet.

Thanks. I don’t have anything set up with S3 at the moment.

To answer my own question, copying a data volume is actually not very hard. This is how I did it:

docker cp container_name_or_id:/data/to/extract /folder/on/server

and then

docker cp /folder/on/server new_container_name_or_id:/data/to

(note: don’t put the last folder in the new container directory, unless you want nested folders, in this case data/to/extract/extract).

You can use this on the main container, even if the data is in a data container. It worked on mongo and Worpress so far.

Now if I could just get my stack to deploy properly on rancher…